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Our seed corn includes trait packages from Bayer.


Soybean trait packages from Bayer, Corteva, and BASF.
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Established in the Midwest in 1997, Gateway Seed has always been farmer focused. As we have grown into new regions, we have stayed true to that motto. From our product development to our service after the sale, we strive to supply the products that farmers need. We have built our company around listening to the farmer’s voice, engineering products with the traits and genetics that you need, custom tailored to your region.

Why Choose
Gateway Seed?

Every sale that we make at Gateway is a commitment to your livelihood, and we take that seriously. Because our sales are based on our excellent service and earning trust from farmers, we are not a company that leaves you after the sale is made. We stand behind our products, taking pride in the fact that farmers are involved throughout the entire process. Our dedicated team of experts continually use your feedback to make our products better. Gateway Seed will go the extra mile to earn your trust and help you get the best yield. We value the voice of our farmers because we know that a great crop doesn’t start with a seed. It starts with a farmer.


Right now Gateway is largely focused in the MidSouth, Southern Illinois and Indiana along with North Central Missouri. We are also moving into areas along the East Coast. The maturity lines that we carry allow us to target several areas. Of course within any of these areas we focus on the specific needs that we can fill with our product lines.
The majority of our soybean products are grown right in our market areas. Our corn is grown by reputable producers in the corn belt that we have worked with for years.
With the help of experienced genetic suppliers Gateway will work to select a group of products that fit best for the area. Then we take that group to the area and the farmers to help us narrow it down to the products that work best for them on their farms.

Currently we have a staff that has worked in the target areas for many years. We don’t sit behind big desks and expect the job to get done. We all help to make sure the customer is taken care of. If that requires the sales manager or operations manager to make deliveries or help put in plots then that is what they will do.


With Climate’s Field view, you get front seat access to critical field data. You have the power to monitor and measure the impact of your agronomic decisions on crop performance, and manage your field variability remotely. Click below to see all that Field View has to offer your farm.

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Simply choose the products that are right for your farm — and earn rewards on eligible purchases along the way. With Bayer PLUS Rewards, you own the decision, the rewards and how you use them. That’s the advantage of more control in your hands. That’s the PLUS. Be sure to check out the savings calculator to see how you can save!
AgCelerate is a solution for seed suppliers and growers alik. Leveraging our expertise with industry knowledge and relationships to create an all-inclusive seed stewardship solution. It minimizes the need for paper agreements and creates an electronic record of each agreement which can be accessed at any time.
Take control of weeds like never before. Adding tolerance to 2,4-D choline, the Enlist weed control system advances herbicide and trait technology by building on the glyphosate and glufosinate systems. Please visit to learn more about advanced weed control for your crop.
Earn rewards on eligible Bayer purchases – no matter how you build your program.
Choose which climate-smart practices to adopt, and earn rewards each year.
View the Enlist Ahead Farmer Rewards for North and South regions.

Making the right choice in seed supply helps ensure strong results at harvest time.

From our point of view, experienced farmer’s know what works. Through the years, we have never stopped listening to our farmers, ensuring that your voice is heard, and you receive the products and service that your farm needs. It’s important to have the right trait and genetic packages for your region, which is why we don’t just offer one set of products. Our job is to help you meet any regional regulations, as well as get the best yield at harvest.